Road Rulers


18 thoughts on “Road Rulers

  1. Emily who’s doing the booklets? because I have these seal bags were we could put them in, should I do them?


    1. guys i’m going to make the booklets and can someone photo copy them to speed up time, so what I mean is im going to design the front cover and do the writing and draw it the same size as the seal bags and then someone can photo copy them and then im going to staple them together and put them in the seal bag. DOES THAT MAKE SENSE ? XD XD


  2. also I cant find the poster board so yeah…and can some one bring in like a big card board piece but not to big though


  3. 1. A piece of card board won’t stick onto the board i dont think and I don’t have any card board I don’t think but I’ll try to get some 2. Try as hard as you can to find it ask your family☺☺☺


  4. guys…I have a suggestion that if we have space on the board we could either make up a fun fact or I could draw a slogan for our team.Ill draw it tonight and bring it in tomorrow. by the way im going to buy another paper for my poster. XD


  5. 1.I think that it should be a slogan but we could do both or someone could put it on there work 🌞remember don’t spend lots and lots of money 😊😊😊☺☺☺


  6. because maybe the boys wont write and…I think im going to the shops to buy the stuff I need for the poster XD XD so yeah
    plus what’s our slogan gonna be?
    am I still doing the booklets?
    when are you bringing in the book marks?/did you cut them out?


  7. You can do the booklets I’ll do the bookmarks now if I can
    REMEMBER 4 DAYS till its due in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😄☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺


  8. I have just been to the store to buy a sheet for my poster and can you print out a sign just like the driver rules but a pedestrian rule if not then that’s ok XD


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