Lyra’s Response to the Syria Refugee Crisis

Over the past two weeks, we have been studying the crisis in Syria, and how we think we should respond in terms of our beliefs and the rights of children. Mr Vaux has put together all of the children’s writing below.

Syria is at war with itself, which means that there are lots of innocent people trying to escape the awful things happening in their country. Refugee men, women and children are doing everything they can to get out of the country and some people are even dying doing this and it’s not right. Children are being split up from their parents to get out of the country, and they may never see them again. How would you feel if you had to leave your parents to go to a country that you knew nothing about? As people of faith, we strongly believe that there has to be an end to the war, but while the country is still fighting, there is lots we have to do to help.

We are so lucky; we have homes, families, food, clean water, clothes and we feel safe. We have friends who we play with and go to school to learn. These are all things that ALL children have the right to and these are all things that have been stolen from the children of Syria.

These children deserve to feel safe. Some children can’t even play outside because they are so scared of the bombing, and one girl had to escape to England because her neighbours house was bombed by a plane. The Syrian refugees have had their voices taken away from them by terrorists, so they cannot stand up for themselves because if they did, they would lose their lives.

125 Syrian babies are born as refugees every single day. Have a think about that.

What would Jesus do? Would He turn a blind eye and tell these people to go away? Or would He welcome them with open arms and do anything He could to help? The only reason we are safe is because we are lucky enough to have been born in this part of the world. It’s just luck. And there are people telling the Syrian refugees they cannot come into our country. That is not right. We can all do something to change this.

We are all a part of mankind. We are all equal.


3 thoughts on “Lyra’s Response to the Syria Refugee Crisis

  1. Were all equal so if people are not treating the Syrians fairly then we shouldn’t because its unfair on them WERE NOT DIFFERENT


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